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Class II Restorations: When to Reach for a Disposable Band


Class II restorations are challenging enough, and considering that they comprise about 50% of all cases performed by general practitioners, according to data from Ultradent, dentists have their work cut out for them. In these cases, it’s important to have a reliable matrix that can be used without complication. However, dentists should be aware that they have options at their disposal.

Ultradent is a manufacturer that makes both sectional matrix systems and disposable matrix bands. As the manufacturer explains, these systems can work in tandem, providing another great tool to supplement your Class II restorations, depending on the clinical scenario. Interproximal contacts are an important factor that may determine which system you choose.

In a previous blog, we explained the versatility of Ultradent’s Triodent V3 sectional matrix system, dubbing it “one ring to rule them all.” In a white paper about this product, Dr. Michael Miyasaki wrote, “The Triodent V3 sectional matrix system utilizes metal matrix bands that create a tight, anatomically contoured interproximal contact and a nice marginal ridge.”

However, there will be some Class II restorations where the interproximal contacts are unbroken. For the minimally invasive dentist, the Omni-Matrix disposable retainer and matrix comes in handy. “It’s in these cases that I just need something quick that can adapt to the shape of the tooth and re-create the tooth morphology,” said Dr. Todd Snyder. “The preparation design having not broken the contact allows me the convenience of using a retainer matrix to create the correct shape, as well as a good contact.”

With convenience in mind, Ultradent has made several improvements to the Omni-Matrix disposable band since it was first introduced more than 6 years ago. The biggest change is in Omni-Matrix’s new pivoting head and body design, which allows the retainer to customize to a wide variety of preparations in any quadrant of the mouth, without sacrificing quality or patient comfort and allowing for excellent clinician visibility. The band design still features everything clinicians loved about it before, Ultradent describes, including winged or wingless designs, disposability, and the option of using mylar or ultra-thin burnishable stainless steel bands in universal width or narrow width.

Omni-Matrix retainers are conveniently preloaded and disposable, eliminating the need to sterilize or disinfect them before or after use, while saving time and money. They’re also easy to remove without disturbing the restorative material.

“The Omni-Matrix retainer allows me to do quality and efficient work,” Dr. Snyder added. “In business and life in general, anything that provides quality and efficiency is, quite frankly, priceless.”

Get a closer look at the design and functionality of Omni-Matrix in the video below. To learn more about the product and about a promotion on your first order, visit Ultradent’s website.  

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