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ClearCorrect Partners with Dental Monitoring


Where do you turn when you need answers quick? Your smartphone, of course!

So why should digital dentistry be any different?

ClearCorrect has teamed up with Dental Monitoring (DM) to offer dentists an innovative way to connect with their patients through their smartphones.

With DM’s easy-to-use app (iOS and Android), patients are prompted to take photos of their teeth at home using their own phone. DM’s system sends a notification to the dentist letting them check for possible treatment derailment and remotely assess treatment progress between appointments. Patients have access to the photos and can track their progress over time.

Dentists can also engage with patients more frequently through the app with automated messages. The messages are customized by the dentist and triggered by specific clinical situations the dentist wants to address.

With frequent reminders to scan and regular communication with the dentist, the DM app helps patients take a more active role in wearing their aligners, monitoring their progress, and working towards their goals.

The partnership between ClearCorrect and DM is a result of the Straumann Group’s investment in DM earlier this year. The companies plan to collaborate to develop further applications for artificial intelligence in the dental field, according to a recent announcement.

“Our investment in Dental Monitoring provides us with access to artificial intelligence technology,” stated Peter Zihla, Executive Vice President and head of Straumann’s Digital Business Unit. “It secures an innovative partner with the necessary expertise to further the group’s mission to develop cutting-edge solutions in dentistry and orthodontics.”

Dentists can learn more about ClearCorrect and Dental Monitoring at

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