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CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick


“Universal” and “Quick” are two very desirable characteristics in dental materials today. Busy clinicians need bonding materials that can be used for a variety of techniques while simultaneously reducing waiting time, and therefore the risk of contamination of the field. Water absorption is also a concern for dentists during restorative procedures.

Kuraray’s CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick features MDP and a new Amide chemistry that leads to more rapid bonding. The amide monomer penetrates the dentin and enamel quickly, resulting in shorter application time and less technique sensitivity without impacting bond strengths, sealing, or desensitizing. It is hydrophilic and provides high polymerization. The result is that you can dry and light-cure the bond faster.

CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is a single-bottle, fluoride-releasing adhesive. It bonds to dentin, enamel, metals, lithium disilicate, restorative materials, and zirconia. CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick can be used with dual-, self-, and light-cure materials, and with all etching modes (total-, self-, or selective-etch). It is indicated for core buildups, repairing composites, cavity sealing, exposed root surfaces, hypersensitive teeth, post cementation, and numerous other direct and indirect applications. When mixed with CLEARFIL DC Activator, it becomes dual-cure for use with dual-cure resin cement and core build-up resin. CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick works on both wet and dry dentin when using the total-etch technique. There is no waiting time in either the total-etch or self-etch modes. An additional benefit is its ability to adhere to any material without additional primers.

“Universal”? Covered. “Quick”? Check. CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick offers your practice a lot of versatility.

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