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Clearfill Majesty ES Flow: Not Just a Pretty Base


Clearfil Majesty ES Flow is a light-cured, universal, flowable composite that contains special submicron fillers which have been treated with a proprietary silane coupling agent to provide excellent esthetics and mechanical properties. This enables clinicians to use it for all cavity classes—Class I-III, occlusal surface, and class V restorations—as well as a base or liner. Available in shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, KA6, B1, B2, XW, and W (corresponding with Kuraray’s Clearfil Majesty ES-2 shade guide), Majesty ES Flow is easy to polish by simply wiping the cured resin with an ethanol-soaked gauze or cotton roll, making it versatile for a variety of uses. Other indications include cervical caries, root erosion, and intraoral repair of fractured crowns/bridges and composite resin, correcting tooth position and shape. Majesty ES Flow features easy handling, extremely high filler loading, low viscosity, low shrinkage and high strength and wear resistance, high gloss, and high polish retention. For more information from Kuraray America Inc. , click here.

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