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Clearing the Way for Exceptional Restorations


Among the many challenges of restorative dentistry, dealing with hyperplastic soft tissue and fluids in the oral cavity can pose the greatest difficulty for clinicians. Whether taking dental impressions for a crown or bridge, seating fixed prostheses or treating subgingival cavities, proper management of intraoral tissue and moisture is key to maneuverability, visibility and the overall accuracy and success of these often-complex procedures.

Dryz® Blu Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste by Parkell aids dental professionals by providing the clear and dry field of operation restorative procedures require. By temporarily displacing gingiva, limiting bleeding and drying the sulcus, Dryz Blu allows access to the desired area and promotes efficient, exceptional restorations.

Dryz Blu derives its colorful name from its bright aqua blue hue, which ensures that the material is highly visible against tooth structure. It also makes it simple to spot any residual paste, which can then be easily rinsed away with water or air spray. Fast-acting and effective, the product’s aluminum chloride content provides hemostasis, essentially stopping gingival seepage. Dryz Blu is somewhat stiffer than Parkell’s original Dryz paste and this added viscosity encourages better displacement of sulcular tissue when pressed subgingivally with either a compression cap or cotton roll.

Deliverable in either syringes or single-dose capsules, Dryz Blu is readily available for a variety of applications. The 0.24-gram capsules are designed for use in a dispensing gun and maintain asepsis while allowing for easy, precise placement in smaller applications. Dryz Blu in 0.85-gram syringe form is suitable for multiple preps, quadrants and when a larger amount of material is required.

To learn more about Dryz Blu Retraction Paste, watch a product demonstration video and order it for your practice, visit Parkell’s website.

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