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Clinicians Choose MTAFlow & MTAFlow White Repair Cements


Clinicians Choose MTAFlow  & MTAFlow White Repair Cements

MTA Flow White

Let’s face it – we all want choices. From toddlers to teenagers, kids want to be able to choose their toys, foods, friends, and activities. As adults, we have a lot more important decisions to make - what car to drive, what career to pursue, which dentist to visit, and, as dentists, what dental materials to purchase.

Dentists can narrow down the seemingly never-ending list of possible dental materials by choosing versatile products that are suitable for several different procedures. When selecting a mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) repair cement, dentists should consider a multipurpose and adaptable material like Ultradent’s Endo-Eze MTAFlow and MTAFlow White, a repair cement with a unique formula that allows a dentist to adapt the consistency and delivery method for the clinical situation at hand.

Both MTAFlow and MTAFlow White repair cements are bioactive materials intended for use in dental procedures that contact pulp and periradicular tissues, such as:

  • •Primary dentition vital pulpotomy
  • •Pulp capping
  • •Root-end filling
  • •Apexification
  • •Perforation repair
  • •Root resorption

Mix to Desired Consistency

The unique MTAFlow powder and liquid/gel system consists of an extremely fine, radiopaque, inorganic powder of tricalcium and dicalcium silicate, which sets with a water-based gel for improved placement. MTAFlow is unique in that clinicians can change the mixing ratio of gel and powder to control the consistency, which can vary from a putty-like mixture to a very thin viscosity, depending on the procedure. Other MTA repair cements are premixed so dentists cannot control the consistency, and those premixed products sometimes involve a lot of wasted material. With the MTAFlow family of products, practitioners can choose to mix just the amount of cement needed, at a consistency that meets their needs.

“I can pretty much make whatever consistency I need to, so that definitely changes the application of it every time,” Dr. Sonia Chopra told Ultradent in a recent interview. “Sometimes I’m fixing a furcal perforation and I don’t want the consistency to be runny because I want to pack. Because the perforation is so coronal, I can see it and pack it with ease, so I want a denser consistency. As opposed to resorption which could be anywhere in the root, and usually it’s down into the root, and in that case I want to keep my MTA a little more runny so I can deliver it all the way down there. A lot of times this is in the anterior region so I’m only going to use a white MTA in that area, so it’s nice to have that capability now,” Dr. Chopra said.

Non-Staining Formula

To address any possible concerns of staining teeth, Ultradent recently added the MTAFlow White repair cement to their line, which features the same trusted qualities as the original MTAFlow but with a white non-staining formula that’s ideal for procedures in the aesthetic zone like primary dentition vital pulpotomies and pulp capping.

Precise Delivery

Designed to be delivered with Ultradent tips, the thick consistency can be delivered with a 22 ga Black Micro tip, and the thin consistency can be delivered with a 29 ga NaviTip tip, ensuring controlled delivery anywhere in the canal. Dr. Chopra said the thin NaviTips allow her to deliver the material easily and deeply into the canals. “If you’re not using a micro instrument, you’re not going to get as deep of a placement as you do with NaviTips,” Chopra said. Regardless of the consistency, the formulation increases washout resistance, which helps to ensure that the mixture stays right where it’s placed.

All-In-One Kit

Both MTAFlow and MTA Flow White kits come with all essential tools needed to mix and deliver the repair cement, including enough powder and gel for 8–10 applications. Each kit also includes a measuring spoon, mixing pad, 10 Skini syringes, 20 Micro tips (20 ga), and 10 Luer Lock caps. The optional NaviTip 29 ga tip assists in precise placement for apexification, apical plug, and resorption.

If you’re ready for a multipurpose, adaptable repair cement like Ultradent’s MTAFlow and MTAFlow White that allows you to choose the consistency and delivery method for each procedure, check out this video.

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