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Improving Accuracy, Reliability and Results with a High-Tech Apex Locator


Improving Accuracy, Reliability and Results with a High-Tech Apex Locator

Endometrics, the science of determining working length (WL), is an essential facet of successful endodontic therapy.

Modern endometrics employs electronic devices known as apex locators to determine WL. The latest generation of apex locators uses multi-frequency impedance measurement to gauge the distance from the device’s file tip to the apical foramen. This technology reportedly offers less sampling error and more consistent readings than previous instruments, meaning greater accuracy, reliability and, ultimately, better treatment outcomes.

CanalPro Aprex LocatorCOLTENE’s CanalPro® Apex Locator is among this latest generation of electronic length measurement devices and represents the pinnacle of modern endometric technology. With its precise measurement system, intelligent, user-friendly interface and slim, ergonomic design, the CanalPro Apex Locator improves operator comfort, clinical efficiency and reliably produces accurate, repeatable results.

Unlike conventional apex locators, the CanalPro Apex Locator uses two measuring frequencies that are alternated, not mixed, thus eliminating noise and the need for signal filtering.

The device likewise uses signal intensity to calculate the file tip position, making instrument measurements immune to electromagnetic interference.

In addition to its innovative measurement system, the CanalPro Apex Locator features a vibrant, 3D color interface. The high-resolution TFT-LCD color graphic display provides uninterrupted feedback by showing the movement of the file inside the canal from the beginning to the end of measurement. The CanalPro Apex Locator also offers a Virtual Apex Function which allows clinicians to mark a predetermined distance from the apex prior to measurement. When enabled, this unique feature delivers a clear visual and audio notification once the file tip reaches the selected mark.

To learn more about how the CanalPro Apex Locator can help simplify your root canal treatments and order the product for your practice, visit COLTENE’s website or contact your local COLTENE Territory Representative.

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