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A Versatile Post System for Highly Esthetic, Metal-Free Restorations


Versatile Post System: Coltene's ParaPost

Historically, the use of a cast metal post and core has been the standard for endodontically restoring teeth. Advancements in material technology, however, have permitted dentists to meet increasing demands for highly esthetic restorations and provide metal-free alternatives to traditional post systems.

Fiber Lux Parapost from COLTENECompared to metal endodontic posts, these newer, metal-free systems reportedly reduce the clinical frequency of root fractures and post decementation.

Additionally, metal-free posts improve restorative esthetics and can cut down on procedural time and cost.

Since its introduction in 1962, COLTENE®’s ParaPost®, the first standardized post system, has become the most widely used post in dentistry. ParaPost’s success is backed by decades of clinical data and more than 500 studies. Over the years, COLTENE has continued to expand upon the original ParaPost design, employing the latest advances in dental material technology to offer a versatile range of post systems for direct and indirect restorations. COLTENE ParaPost Fiber Posts include Fiber Lux® and Taper Lux®, two innovative additions to the ParaPost line perfect for highly esthetic, metal-free restorations.

Both Fiber Lux and Taper Lux are made of translucent fiber resin materials that reflect natural tooth hues while eliminating shadows through all-ceramic crowns or composite restorations at the gingival/crown interface.

Taper Lux Parapost from COLTENEThis material allows for the use of light-curing cements and core materials and permits fast, on-command cementation. A unique combination of cylindrical post design, retention ledges and unidirectional fiber clusters imbue ParaPost Fiber Posts with outstanding mechanical retention and superior strength without compromising flexibility. Fiber Posts’ elasticity rivals that of dentin, in turn, mitigating the risk of root fracture and offering less brittleness than ceramic posts.

With rounded, undercut multi-head designs, ParaPost Fiber Posts minimize core material stress due to polymerization shrinkage. The multi-head design also allows for easy post length adjustment. Fiber Posts are made for use with resin-based cements such as COLTENE’s self-adhesive SoloCem® and DuoCem® and core build-up material such as COLTENE’s ParaCore®. Together, these materials create an optimal monoblock—a singular, cohesive restoration between the dentin, post and crown with exceptional durability and strength.

Taper Lux’s 4% tapered design is ideal for narrow canals where protection of sound tooth structure is key, while Fiber Lux supports universal post application.

Both posts are available in a range of sizes to suit every clinical situation.

To order a ParaPost Fiber Lux® or Taper Lux® sample for your practice, visit or contact your local COLTENE Territory Representative to place an order.




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