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Congratulations, it’s a Futar!


It’s cause for celebration when a family grows—even if that family is a family of products. Kettenbach’s Futar family is growing this summer with Futar® Clear Fast.

Futar Clear Fast, with a hardness rating of A62, is a fast-setting syringeable addition-curing elastomeric material for occlusal records. This will be the seventh product in the Futar line of A-silicones, which offer a desirable final hardness and precise results.

Also notable about Futar Clear Fast is that it is moderately flexible, which allows it to come off a cast without disturbing your wax up.

Futar Clear Fast has a working time 15 seconds and an intraoral setting time of 45 seconds.

Futar Clear Fast will be available in July from Kettenbach. Learn more about the entire Futar family on the Kettenbach site.

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