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ContactPro: Running Rings Around the Competition

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The ContactPro Matrix System from Mircobrush continues to wow dental professionals.

Dr. John Gammichia, in Microbrush’s new video on ContactPro, talks about what he feels separates ContactPro from the competition.

“The memory metal is great because it doesn’t fatigue,” Gammichia says of the ContactPro ring. He said other products he has used do wear out, and then need to be replaced on a continual basis.

He said the soft silicone tips also make the product a standout. The tips don’t pinch the gums, and provide stellar adaptation, he says. The ContactPro ring fits securely along the gingival margin. For best results, Microbrush recommends placing them below the height of the contour.

Plus, he added, “The size of the ring—I just think it’s great because of the visibility.” The ContactPro ring is wide enough to easily see it throughout the restoration, and it also gives the clinician the ability to place cotton underneath it securely. What helps give it so much visibility is its slant design. The design also provides better access for light curing.

Gammichia recommends starting out with the ContactPro primary kit, which includes two rings, a clip, bands and wood wedges in three sizes, two forceps, drytips and applicators. “This kit really has everything you need to do a Class II restoration,” Gammichia says.

Then, he says, once you’re comfortable using the system, you can move up to the expert system, which includes more bands and wedges as well as an extra clip.

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