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Create Beautiful, Long-Lasting Restorations with a Universal Low-Shrink Composite

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Due to their superior esthetic properties, composites are the preferred material for modern dental restorations. However, unlike their amalgam counterparts, composites present some functional challenges that can affect the long-term success of the restoration. Handling issues that impact dispensing, sculpting and packing the material can make creating an accurate restoration difficult. Polymerization shrinkage and possible resultant shrinkage stress can cut short a restoration’s lifespan and prove detrimental to tooth health.

With no shortage of demand for composites that offer exceptional esthetics, handling, and longevity, manufacturers work to meet the needs of practitioners and patients alike. Shofu Dental has set an impressive precedent for efficacy and performance with its Beautifil® line of composites and continues this tradition with Beautifil II LS (Low Shrink), a universal nanohybrid composite with award-winning handling.

Beautifil II LS is as versatile as it is durable. Indicated for all classes of restorations, I–V, the composite offers exceptional handling. The flowable material packs well and allows for easy dispensing, placement and slump-free sculpting. Available in a spectrum of shades and instantly polishable, Beautifil II LS features natural fluorescence, ideal light transmission and delivers a chameleon effect for attractive, tooth-like esthetics.

Uniquely designed to minimize shrinkage, Beautifil II LS offers a remarkable 0.8% volumetric shrinkage and 2.72 MPa shrinkage stress, both of which are the lowest available on the market. In addition, Beautifil II LS combines exceptional strength and wear resistance with a sustained fluoride release/recharge system via its bioactive Giomer chemistry. Together, these properties serve to preserve and protect both the tooth and the restoration, promoting restorative longevity and overall dental health.

To learn more and order Beautifil II LS and other restoratives for your practice, visit Shofu’s website.

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