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Customize Your Patients’ Ultrasonic Scaling Appointment


While many patients appreciate the end result of their hygiene appointments, they may not necessarily enjoy the experience. In fact, some can barely stand it. Being able to customize how much water and at what pressure it is used to accommodate individual patient’s hypersensitivity issues, pain level, or even fear of the sounds an ultrasonic instrument makes, is clearly an advantage to everyone concerned. Especially if doing so makes the patient feel more comfortable and able to tolerate treatment while not compromising its effectiveness.

Dentsply Sirona’s Cavitron 300 Series offers the ability to tailor teeth cleaning treatment to patients’ specific needs and is a compassionate way to provide ultrasonic scaling to someone who dislikes the process.

The Cavitron 300 Series has a digital operating system that enables users to choose to produce less heat, noise, and water spray than previous Cavitron systems have offered. While the water is necessary to break up calculus deposits, it does not always have to be aggressive to be effective. Cavitron 300 has been found to be as effective on lower settings as it is when operating at maximum power, even when being used to remove heavy deposits.

With the touch of a finger, the easy-to-use interface allows for power level control throughout the procedure. Presets can be personalized for better efficiency as well. Another advantage to the digital operating system is knowing that the scaler is operating at the chosen setting.

The Steri-Mate 360 rotating handpiece allows for ergonomic and effortless rotation of the ultrasonic insert during the procedure. The water lavage control is located on the handpiece handle so it can be adjusted without having to turn away from the patient during the procedure. The handpiece itself is designed to reduce cable drag, which helps reduce hand fatigue while enhancing tactile sensitivity. It is also easily detached and autoclavable.

The Cavitron 300 series makes it possible to very simply set and adjust the ultrasonic scaler to accommodate different functions and power needs, keep patients comfortable throughout their scaling appointments, and provide reliable control during dental hygiene procedures.

Watch this video to see how using Cavitron 300 Series offers an advanced scaling experience right at your fingertips.

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