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Cut the Cord with Orascoptic™ Options

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Whether it’s a phone, a vacuum or a set of loupes, one of the ways we can tell technology is progressing is when cordless options become available. The XV1™ loupe and light holds the title of the first and only wireless loupe and headlight in one. Similar to cordless phones and vacuums, the cordless XV1 can give clinicians the enhanced freedom and flexibility they desire.

XV1’s wiring is completely inside the frame, with the rechargeable batteries housed in the temple tips of the loupes. No more getting caught in a cord running down into your pocket while working in the operatory. Besides the obvious advantage of being completely cordless, having the batteries sit in the temple tips can help to counterbalance the weight or higher or adjustable magnification prisms, such as EyeZoom™.

Using XV1 is simple—just rest your finger on the logo for a few seconds to turn the light on and off and tap your finger to adjust the brightness of the micro highlight. The headlight used on XV1 is Orascoptic’s smallest and most lightweight headlight.

Orascoptic was recently granted a U.S. patent for the optical design used within all its headlight systems. The granting of this patent means that Orascoptic offers customers a highly uniform spot with the least amount of weight in comparison to other solutions on the market.

The XV1, which comes in five colors, is also available without telescopes, allowing clinicians to use it as a headlight and safety frame. XV1 can support a range of different eyewear prescriptions.

It’s important to note that dentists who choose XV1 won’t be sacrificing comfort for a cordless choice. The weight of this frame distributes evenly across the device, and an adjustable nose pad and temple arms can help clinicians get just the fit they need for their specific facial geometry.

Orascoptic also has an option for clinicians who have loupes they love, but need a cordless headlight. The Spark™ cordless light can be integrated with virtually any loupe or eyewear frame.

Similar to the XV1,the unique design of Spark dispenses weight evenly across the bridge of the frame minimizing pressure on the clinician’s nose for added comfort.

The light emanating from Spark is a steady, uniform round spot that doesn’t dim over the course of the two batteries six-hour lifespan, and when it’s co-axially mounted to a dentist’s loupes, it reduces shadowing in the operating area. Users see a low-battery indicator so they know it’s time to charge the battery—something that can be easily done by micro USB.

Why not cut the cord and choose XV1 or Spark from Orascoptic? Learn more about these convenient options at

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