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Dashboarding: How to Analyze Your Practice Performance

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What’s the best way to assess how well you and your team are meeting your goals, standards, and bottom line? Analytics. What’s the best way to get the relevant analytics fast? By using a customized dashboard. What’s a dashboard? Something that provides “at-a-glance” progress reports of key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the database of information your practice management software is holding for you. A dental practice dashboard can be used to track “the numbers” of any variety, from patient appointments to types of restorations, hygiene appointments, costs per treatment, collections and reimbursements, profitability, and other major important data. It can “silo” real-time snapshots of data by day, week, month, quarter, etc.

Some of the benefits of using a digital dental practice dashboard include tracking performance measures, identifying trends, measuring efficiencies as well as inefficiencies, generating detailed reports, and being able to demonstrate all of the above to the team so they can assess their contributions.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is time savings—no one is trying to compile all this by themselves and nothing is slipping through the cracks that will require further digging around. The data is easily gathered and deciphered. The system is totally simple.

Like looking at the dashboard in a car, you will know at a glance your level of productivity, performance rating, profits and losses, and a roadmap for areas of improvement and growth. With XLDent’s cloud-based KPI Dashboard, you can monitor daily activities any time, using any device from anywhere. Easily measure production, collections, categories of patients, recall metrics. The Dashboard gives you and your entire business team – your accountant, consultant, practice manager – access to practice activities without having to run numerous reports. This is just straightforward business intelligence—how you keep your finger on the pulse of the practice, connect the dots, and make actionable decisions more quickly.

For more information on XLDent’s KPI Dashboard, and other features of its all-inclusive practice management software suite, click here.



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