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Delivering Quality Care and Improving Profits with a Dentrix Connected Practice


In the last of this continuing series of blogs, we focus on the final page in the Dental Learning supplement to Dental Product Shopper supported by Henry Schein Practice Solutions, which is a Round Table of sorts with the technology experts from the Cellerant Consulting Group discussing the future they see for digital dentistry. Dr. John Flucke envisions “the total digital patient.” He would like to take just a 3D cone beam image of patients, and forget all the other diagnostics. The scan could automatically update itself as he provides restorative dentistry for each patient. That way the digital patient record represents what the patient looks like after every visit without any additional x-ray exposure. Brilliant idea!

Dr. Lou Shuman believes the definition of “digital workflow” will become even more seamless. He sees dentistry going “in-house” even more, moving from mills and grinders to 3D printing. He also mentions the possibility of optical coherence tomography (OCT) becoming integral to dentistry as the next-generation of 3D imaging.

Dr. Marty Jablow suggests that coming up with a dental “Watson” like IBM’s would help dentists diagnose and identify appropriate treatment, technology, and timing. He points out that when we talk about technology, it’s only about what we know right now. He looks forward to realizing future technologies, such as regrowing teeth.

Dr. Paul Feuerstein predicts a more open exchange of information between patients and the dental office. “Transparency” is in demand, and he thinks dental patients will push for that so they can check their whole record—treatments to payment status—on their smart phones.

Dr. Lou Shuman concludes by suggesting that open architecture is what will make the difference, and uses Dentrix Connected as an example of forging the path to this. This is what will tie all the different types of technology in use and practice management together to keep the dental office running smoothly. This could be the end of proprietary hardware of any type. And it would give clinicians the ability to pick whatever equipment and systems they wish to use to provide their standard of the best treatment for their patients.

For more information, click here to download a supplement to Dental Product Shopper sponsored by Henry Schein Practice Solutions.


From left: Dr. Paul Feuerstein, Dr. Lou Shuman, Dr. John Flucke, and Dr. Marty Jablow

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