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Dental Laser Market Has Strong Growth Trajectory

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Five years ago, Cynthia Jetter, DMD, contributed a blog for Dental Product Shopper entitled “Lasers in Dentistry are Here to Stay.”

Apparently, there’s some truth to that statement since the North American dental lasers market, valued at $58.4 million last year, is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2% and reach $90.7 million by 2019, according to findings from MicroMarket Monitor reported by

Technological advances are driving this market growth along with global drivers, such as growing middle-class and aging populations. Increasing awareness for oral hygiene, reduced treatment time and operating costs, increasing disposable income, and demand for cosmetic dentistry are also contributing factors.

In April, my colleague Jason Schwartz sat in on the Laser Workshop at the California Dental Association’s annual meeting, CDA Presents. Attendees were able to get hands-on experience doing a variety of dental procedures for both soft- and hard-tissue applications. Click here to read more about Jason’s experience.

“The key to success with laser technology is a strong commitment to training,” Jetter advised in 2010. “All dentists possess the clinical skills to use lasers, but need to learn the clinical applications for the technology and how to apply the technology to accomplish the treatment objectives.”

They’re wise words that still hold true today. 

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