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Innovative Treatment Centers Enhance Dental Office Design and Workflow



There is no better way to make a first impression on patients than presenting a clean and contemporary dental environment from the front door to the operatory.

Not only are Dentsply Sirona treatment centers streamlined and modern looking, clinicians say nothing compares to the way the Dentsply Sirona treatment centers are designed.

According to Evyenia Kollia, DMD, they are “a fusion of technology, efficiency, productivity, and beauty” that provide patients a very different experience from other dental practices.

When integrating new chairs and equipment into your office, there are 3 main things to consider: esthetics, ergonomics, and integration.Dentsply Sirona Treatment Center

  1. Esthetics

The overall esthetics of the operatory equipment and office design is the first thing that patients notice. The Teneo and Intego Treatment Center chairs from Dentsply Sirona feature elegant, clean lines and lounge upholstery that is soft to the touch and provides support at any incline. Patients immediately appreciate the comfort when they walk into the operatory as the treatment center allows them to easily approach and sit in the chair because the delivery element is automatically out of the way when the entry function is activated. Once they are reclined and relaxing, the massage function can be activated to provide an even more relaxed environment.

  1. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is important to the patient as well as to the clinician and staff members. The chairs can be set in any position to optimize vertical mouth positioning during treatment, which ensures a comfortable working position for both the dentist and the hygienist. The patient position memory allows clinicians to save individual patient positions, which also helps with the overall patient experience. The Teneo Treatment Center Chair includes specifically designed ergonomics called OrthoMotion and ErgoMotion. OrthoMotion allows the entire dental chair to be tilted without altering the angle, and ensuring optimum patient comfort, whereas ErgoMotion reduces overstretching the patient’s head and eliminates spinal compression.

Just as important, the treatment centers address numerous ergonomic considerations for the clinician as well. Ergonomic features include a motorized dentist element track, allowing for hands-free positioning along with a wireless foot control. The Teneo and Intego chairs are designed with thin, yet cushioning backs, which allow for easy access from many angles, helping to prevent stretching or prolonged reaching. Having the ability to move into the 12 o’clock position as needed allows greater range of motion.

  1. Integration

Many treatment functions are integrated into the Dentsply Sirona Treatment Center chairs. Clinicians can easily switch to the integrated implant or endodontic features by simply picking up a different handpiece, eliminating the need to swap out equipment or change rooms. The EasyTouch user interface allows users to control many additional technologies, from CEREC, to digital imaging, traditional x-ray units, and dental hygiene equipment, saving time and motion wasted getting these technologies in place for a change in treatment.

The Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centers enable maximum efficiency and ergonomics without much thought on the busy users’ part.

This is an important consideration for clinicians with potentially decades of practice time in their future. One user noted that with the endodontic motor and the apex locator integrated right into the chair itself, she no longer has to turn her body to look at the apex locator, she can just look straight up at the display screen; another user enjoys the elimination of clutter and space savings.

With Teneo’s digital platform, it is simple to share diagnostic data and treatment plans with patients on the screen right in front of them. Having the cameras incorporated into the treatment centers streamlines the patient education process efficiently and organically. Patients readily see the evidence, making it easier for them to understand and accept treatment plans. Patient education videos also can be shown through the delivery unit. Patients love seeing these features and experiencing the technology during appointments.

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