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Dentrix Profitability Coaching Raises the Bar on Productivity


Have you ever invested in a new gadget and thought, “Now what?” That’s the feeling I had recently when I purchased a high-tech digital camera. I imagine that’s also the feeling for dental office employees who use Dentrix practice management software daily. The software has so many functions and features, and you start to wonder if you’re getting the most from it. The upcoming launch of Dentrix G7 is a reminder that technology, particularly software, is always changing and officers managers are never too experienced to learn something new.

Barbara Kwiatt is the office manager at Duffy & Kwiatt Dental Associates in Vernon Hills, IL, a practice her husband, Dr. Thomas Kwiatt, co-founded. Not only does Barbara have her Master’s of Business Administration but she’s also a former instructor of pediatric nursing. Perhaps her experience in a learning environment factored into her decision to sign up for Dentrix’s Profitability Coaching where she benefited from one-on-one coaching and gained a better understanding of how to use Dentrix data to improve her practice.


“Dentrix is a big program, and it does a lot. I really think Profitability Coaching helps you fine-tune what you need. I also think you find out things that you weren’t using that would be extremely beneficial,” Barbara told Dental Product Shopper in an e-book interview. We understand the relationships between the reporting…The coaching steers us in how to use and implement Dentrix better.”


A key part of Profitability Coaching is understanding key performance indicators (KPIs)—a term commonly used in the business world. Measuring and monitoring KPIs can help your practice eliminate waste, optimize production, improve efficiency, and drive higher profitability.

Dentrix Profitability Coaching topics include:

-> Increasing profitability

-> Optimizing scheduling

-> Increasing production and case acceptance

-> Maximizing continuing care

-> Improving patient management and referrals

-> Improving collections and insurance management

-> Going Paperless


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