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Diamond and Carbide: No Need to Choose Just One


When it comes to burs, you may have a preference for diamond or carbide, and may exclusively use one or the other.  But you don’t need to choose between them—both have their time and place to produce the results you need.

While for some dentists, the choice is based on personal preference, for others, it’s a matter of having always used one or the other and not knowing the potential benefits of incorporating a second type into the practice.

A&M Instruments offers hundreds of options of both single-use and multi-use carbide and diamond burs, so you don’t need to compromise in size or shape.

FG carbide burs are designed for smooth, efficient cutting and extended life. They power through a variety of materials, including bone and metal. Carbides can assist with everything from standard crowns and bridges to extensive surgical procedures, and are designed to minimize trauma to the existing teeth. What’s more, carbides hold up under high heat. However, they also leave a polished surface as a result, so they’re not all grit with no glamour.

FG diamond burs, meanwhile, have speed and precision going for them. That speed can shorten preparation time, making them a strong choice for labor-intensive preparations. Plus, they can leave more grit behind, so cementing to it becomes an easier task. They can also cut zirconia and lithium disilicate, materials that can be a challenge to cut through. Diamonds are also designed to provide more control for the dentist using them.

A team of Dental Product Shopper evaluators gave A&M’s FG Diamond Dental Burs a 4.2 rating in our evaluation and awarded their burs with a Recommended Product designation. So don’t feel as if you have to choose between two materials that can easily sit side by side, awaiting just the right opportunity to shine. For more information on A&M Instruments, visit

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