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Digitize Your Traditional Impression Process with Flexitime Fast & Scan


If you do not have a digital scanner, yet want to take advantage of digital technology offered by your laboratory, including CAD/CAM-created restorations, Kulzer’s Flexitime Fast & Scan gives you that option without needing to change either your impression technique or hardware/software.

Developed in collaboration with dentists and dental labs, and designed to be used with Kulzer’s new impression scanner Cara Scan 4.0i, this powder-free material makes it possible to digitize impressions you have taken in the traditional manner. This combination provides higher precision than pouring models, which can distort impressions.

Flexitime Fast & Scan saves you time, has variable working times, and is available in four viscosities (in three different delivery forms), so you can customize your use of the material to various techniques, depending on the case. By accommodating your personal preferences, these details enhance your workflow and efficiency. Flexitime Fast & Scan is ideal for 1-3 unit impressions; the working time ranges from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes, and the setting time is 2 minutes, which patients will also appreciate. 

Once the impression has been made and trimmed, you simply scan it and send the 3D images to a milling center or your preferred dental lab. The Flexitime brand has a long-standing record for outstanding fit and excellent detail reproduction. This process may be a good way to transition your practice into the digital workflow concept.


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