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The Benefits of Being HOClean


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The Benefits of Being HOClean

Whether you're looking for an added layer of infection prevention or trying to cut down on the use of harsh chemicals in the office, naturally disinfecting with HOCl fogging provides multiple benefits for both practice and patients.

How It Works

While it may seem complicated, the science behind HOCl fogging is simple. Wipes and sprays formulated with chlorine bleach carry a negative electrical charge that can take up to 30 minutes to eliminate germs. But HOCl carries a neutral charge that, when atomized into an ultrafine mist, penetrates the wall of a negatively charged germ in a matter of seconds.

What Makes HOCl Different?

Safe on the eyes and skin of dental team members and patients
A powerful oxidant that's nontoxic and nonhazardous with a neutral pH
100x more effective than chlorine bleach

Supporting Evidence

It pays to do your research before introducing any new product into your infection prevention protocol. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Protection Agency, and National Institutes of Health are all great resources to find out about HOCl fogging and how it can impact your practice’s disinfecting routine.

*For direct links to key supporting evidence from these agencies, visit


Click here to see the HOCl fogger in action as it disinfects a dental office waiting room, and more.

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