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Dos and Don’ts of Multiuse Dispensers


Avoid Contamination: Guidelines For Your Practice

Dental Hygienist In Operatory Room I’m sure there was a time in dental history when every tool in the practice was multi-use. Not so today, of course. Many of the instruments and devices you use in your practice are single use, with the main goal of preventing cross-contamination and infection. So, the key word in that previous sentence is “many.” In other words, not all. You still encounter multi-use products, such as dispensers. The challenge with these devices is that heat sterilization and high-level disinfectant immersion will cause damage.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends disposing of contaminated multi-use dispensers.

To avoid contamination, follow these dos and don’ts.

    •    Apply disposable barrier sleeves/wraps over multi-use dispensers before use with each patient.
    •    Use new, uncontaminated gloves when handling multi-use dispensers.
    •    Let dental assistants dispense material for you.
    •    Avoid contact of the reusable parts (for example, the dispenser body) with the patient’s mouth.
    •    Reuse the multi-use dental dispenser if it becomes contaminated.
    •    Reprocess a contaminated multi-use dental dispenser with chemical wipes or disinfectants.
    •    Immerse or sterilize multi-use dental dispensers in a high-level chemical disinfectant. Immersion and sterilization may damage the dispenser and the material inside.

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