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A Slim and Simple Electric Brush that Guides the Good Habits


Guiding Good Brushing Habits Just Got Easier with quip

quip sonic vibrating electric toothbrush quip has a sonic vibrating electric toothbrush that has everyone excited—dentists and patients, alike.

The brush itself is compact with a slim and sleek design, comes in various colors and materials (metal or plastic), and you can bet it will effectively clean your patients’ teeth. The brush is designed to clean along the gum line and in all the hard-to-reach places that a normal toothbrush often misses. The brush is the first ADA-approved subscription electric toothbrush, putting it at the top of its class.

Silent, sonic vibrations and guiding pulses help to simplify brushing and make the 2-minute cleaning ideal for your patients.

The vibration guides are timed with 30-second intervals that encourage soft brushing without harsh rotations, and—keeping the process simple for users—there is only one mode. Because of the compact and unique size of the brush, it can fit virtually anywhere and can be easily stored for travel. The multi-use cover also has a suction strip on the back so it can stick and restick it to your bathroom mirror in seconds.

quip’s automatic subscription plan delivers fresh brush heads every 3 months for only $5, so your patients will always brush with clean and hygienic bristles. 

The deliveries are timed to arrive just before the brush head becomes worn and ineffective. quip also offers the option of having mint toothpaste packaged with the subscription for just an addition $5 to make things easier for the user.

If the best toothbrushes are those that encourage healthy habits, here’s one that simplifies the experience for your patients without the harsh cleaning modes, bulky chargers, and expensive brush heads.

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