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Dental Practice Thrives with Dentrix as ‘Full Practice Hub’


Dentrix G7 Provides the Tools and Resources to be Successful

Edmund Suh, DDSM FAGD, dental professional tries out dentrix g7For many clinicians, the beauty of digital integration is the simplicity it provides. By eliminating the need to open various pieces of hardware and software for each patient you encounter, you reduce the possibility of malfunctions and the worry that engenders. That’s been the personal experience of Edmund Suh, DDS, FAGD, who operates a digitally integrated practice in Wake Forest, NC.
“When technology systems are separate, there’s always room for error. And even if there’s no error, processes just become very time-consuming,” Dr. Suh explained. He spoke with Dental Product Shopper the same day he was waiting for Dentrix G7 to install on his practice network. He expected this practice management system update from Henry Schein One to be seamless and take only a couple of hours.
Dr. Suh began his career at a time before technologies communicated with one another. Times have changed, and today, Dentrix acts as a “full practice hub” for everything he’s doing, whether it’s at the front office or in the back clinically. Dr. Suh finds that technology instills confidence with patients and shows that his office is contemporary and up to date. It also enables him to better communicate with patients throughout the treatment process.
“With Dentrix, my entire front desk has access to every single thing I’ve communicated with my patient. If there’s ever a question, they can access my clinical notes, x-rays, and more. Dentrix also helps to expedite my back-and-forth with specialists... Right now, my practice would be handicapped without Dentrix.”

Why Dentrix?

Dr. Suh observed that practice management software platforms eventually “catch up to each other” in features and offerings, but he noticed that the Dentrix platform innovates and adapts faster. The latest update, Dentrix G7, offers ROI-improving features in 3 critical areas: clinical, front office, and practice management.
Learn more about specific Dentrix G7 features in this article: Raising the Bar on ROI

dental professional and software cartoon using dentrix g7The digital clinical workflows within Dentrix G7 can be broken down into 3 steps—diagnostics, treatment planning, and treatment. In Dr. Suh’s practice, each workflow begins with Dentrix, which ensures that each step in the process focuses on the patient.
He begins with diagnostic technologies through DEXIS intraoral sensor, CBCT, and intraoral cameras. The images integrate directly and efficiently in a central location—the patient’s chart.
With all of the information in one place, Dr. Suh begins treatment planning and sharing information. First, he shares the information with the patient so they understand their oral health condition and the reasons behind the proposed treatment, creating an opportunity for collaborative care.
“A lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding happens verbally,” Dr. Suh explained. “When you utilize technology and can show the patient visually what’s happening in their mouth, what needs to be taken care of, and why, there’s a greater depth of understanding from them.”  
He can also share the information with any third party that needs to be involved, including specialists or a lab, to ensure that all care providers have the data needed to create a successful treatment outcome.
Finally, for treatment, Dentrix connects everything from digital impression scanning and handpieces to chairside milling. And after treatment is complete, Dr. Suh collects a final photo and post-operative radiographs for documentation within the system that can be referred to over time, providing him with a digital history of care.
When it comes to product support, Dr. Suh finds that Dentrix’s help line and satellite courses are “extremely helpful,” and he feels that Henry Schein One provides the tools and resources he needs to be successful.  


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