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DryTips Will Make You Want to Hang Cotton out to Dry


Are you finding that absorbent pads fall a little short when it comes to…absorbing?

Mircobrush’s DryTips® and Reflective DryTips®, the company’s newest moisture-control products, help keep the oral environment clean and dry by absorbing up to 30 times their weight.

DryTips are incredibly versatile: they’re indicated for impressions, occlusion grinding, orthodontics, paint-on techniques, composites, cementation, fissure sealing and fluoride applications. One tip can take the place of five cotton rolls, saving you time and needless waste.

DryTips are designed to accommodate your patient’s anatomy, allowing natural movements while keeping the cheeks, lips and tongue out of the way. The product’s slim profile will keep your patient comfortable, and its durability from a polyethylene film coating will help protect your patient from sharp instruments.

The tips are made of materials that eliminate the shedding or residue that cotton can often leave behind. What’s more, after the procedure is completed, the tips are easily removed from the patient’s mouth with water spray.

The reflective option has a reflective coating that improves visibility in the oral cavity, particularly during posterior work.

Both DryTips and Reflective DryTips were popular with Dental Product Shopper product evaluators, who gave it an overall 4.8 out of 5 in our evaluation. The score earned DryTips a Best Product designation, and all of the evaluators said they would recommend the product to a colleague.

“This product worked beautifully to keep the patient’s cheeks out of the way,” Dr. Mark Offenback reported in the evaluation.

“When working on some teeth, this product is an absolute must have!” Dr. Abraham Jaskiel said.

Both angle options come in small and large, with 50 per box. To find out more about DryTips, visit

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