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Easy, Efficient and Predictable Provisional Restorations


Inspire: a durable, esthetic provisional composite 

An essential part of every successful indirect restoration, provisional fabrication serves multiple important purposes.

Not only does a provisional restoration provide patients an accurate preview of the final restoration, it also helps protect the preparation, promoting tooth and tissue health while maintaining proper function and position. Likewise, an ideal provisional ensures a natural, esthetic result so patients can remain confident in their smiles while awaiting final restoration fitting.

Fabricating a provisional can pose several challenges for clinicians, many of which stem from choice of restorative material.

Clinician's Choice InspireStrength, handling and esthetics all vary from product to product and are critical factors to consider when selecting the right material for the job. Manufacturer Clinician’s Choice believes that provisional fabrication should be easy, efficient and predictable. Following these standards, they've created Inspire™, a durable, esthetic provisional composite designed to deliver an ideal experience for you and your patients.

In addition to outstanding esthetics, Inspire has impressive physical properties.

Inspire’s chemistry ensures a fast polymerization, allowing for earlier trimming without damage. The material’s high flexural and compressive strength offer great fracture resistance, even along margins and with less-than-ideal tooth reduction. Additionally, high diametral tensile strength and exceptional impact strength protect provisionals made with Inspire from even the most extreme forces of mastication. Inspire has a firm, lessporous composition and resists cracking while trimming. Also, due to low shrinkage (3.4%), the material prevents open margins, especially with lower incisors.

Inspire produces excellent esthetics and predictable results with minimal effort.

Due in part to its minimal oxygen inhibited layer, the material can be quickly polished to a high shine for a composite-like finish in mere seconds. Inspire is available in four VITA shades (B1, A1, A2 and A3.5) and blends seamlessly with the translucency and fluorescence of natural dentition in all light conditions, making it the perfect choice for anterior cases.

With a short 40-second working time for single or multiple unit cases, 1.5–2.5-minute mouth removal time and 4.5-minute total cure time, Inspire maximizes procedural efficiency. Moreover, thanks to superior handling, Inspire stays where its placed, preventing over-filling of the matrix, excess flash/finishing and wasted time spent chairside. Inspire contains no Bisphenol-A and, at only 127ºF/53ºC, the material has one of the lowest exothermic reactions in its product category.

To learn more about Inspire and order the product for your practice, visit Clinician’s Choice’s website.

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