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Can Patients Eat and Drink Whatever They Want After Whitening?


Can Patients Eat and Drink Whatever They Want After Whitening?

Many patients decide not to have their teeth whitened (even though they’d really like to) because they think it means giving up the coffee, tea, or red wine they love. The logic goes something like this: Why spend time and money on whitening when there’s no way I’m willing to stop having coffee in the morning?

Dr. Rod Kurthy, CEO and founder of KöR Whitening, explained in a recent Q & A blog why this doesn’t have to be the case. In addition to describing how extrinsic and intrinsic stains work, he discussed how the KöR whitening gels, when used with KöR-Seal Whitening Trays, provide more than 6 hours of active whitening and oxygenation to break up densely packed stain molecules deep within the tooth structure and remove them via diffusion. Essentially, this process reverses the route by which extrinsic stains become intrinsic.

When patients who’ve had their teeth whitened with one of the KöR whitening systems perform recommended occasional at-home maintenance, the gel rapidly penetrates already cleansed tooth microstructure and eliminates any stain that’s been absorbed since their last at-home maintenance treatment. In other words, when performing simple occasional at-home maintenance, they can continue to enjoy their favorite foods and beverages while maintaining that great whiteness for their lifetime. As your patients’ oral health professional, you can help your patients understand that they can achieve their desired whiter smile without changing their eating habits.

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