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Efficiency and Excellence: Diamond Burs That Are Sure to Please


If you’re looking for ways to reduce chair time, you might want to look at where you get your diamond burs from.

Spring Health Products says their diamond burs are designed to improve efficiency and reduce chair time – a claim you’re likely to see in a brochure from any manufacturer about their burs. So why do Spring Health burs stand out from the rest?

Part of it is a tradition of excellence: Spring Health Products co-founder Nathaniel Lieb holds more than a dozen patents in the dental manufacturing space. He developed the electrogalvanizing process for creating diamond burs, and his methodology has set the industry standard for the process.

Part of it is diamonds that are exceptional. They are all natural and uniform in shape and size—so you’ll get a consistent product you can count on.

As a result, you’ll find stability, even at high speeds, thanks to a concentric stainless steel shank and a centerless ground that minimizes run-out. The burs have a cutting angle that improves speed and cooling time yet also reduces heat and clogging. Spring Health’s Super Coarse grit, at 180 microm grit, in fact, bests most competitors. You’ll cut with precision, time and again.

Plus, you’re likely to appreciate that Spring Health Products’ diamond burs have been made in the United States for decades, and that the burs are priced very competitively.

Spring Health Products’ burs come in a variety of shapes: flame, beveled, round-end and flat-end cylinder, flat-end and round-end taper, wheel, bulk reducer, occlusal reduction, needle, mosquito, modified shoulder, inverted and double cone, pear, curettage, depth cutter .5 mm and turbo FG diamonds.

In the Dental Product Shopper product evaluation, Spring Health Products’ Diamond Burs received a 4.5 "Best Product" score, and the American Dental Association product guide gave the burs at least a 4.3 out of 5 in each of their categories.

Superior product at competitive pricing—that’s what Spring Health Products touts—and delivers on. For more information, visit



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