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Efficient Implant Debridement with PDT’s Pineyro Arch Kit


Efficient Implant Debridement with PDT’s Pineyro Arch Kit

Chances are you remember your first time riding a bike, your first love, your first live dental patient, your first house. Each of us has a list of ‘firsts’ that could go on and on. Paradise Dental Technologies introduced a new ‘first’ in 2019 – the Pineyro Arch Kit, which is the first implant instrument set specifically designed for debridement of full fixed implant restorations without removing the prosthesis, making life easier for clinicians and their patients.

Comprised of 4 patent-pending instruments, the Pineyro Arch Kit earned a distinguished Best Product award in a recent Dental Product Shopper product evaluation. Calling the instruments “incredible” and “fabulous,” one of those evaluators, hygienist Malee Wong, said, “The design of these instruments is genius! These 4 instruments were specifically designed to get into narrow crevices at different angles. You will be able to remove plaque and calculus with the special angles of these instruments.”

Pineyro Arch Kit from PDTSpecially designed without sharp cutting edges to avoid damaging implants, each instrument is curved to follow the anatomy of the implant and enables hygienists to easily access areas between the prosthesis and gingival tissues. Each of the 4 instruments in the Pineyro Arch Kit is designed for a specific region in the mouth - Ti 1 Anterior Arch, Ti 2 Posterior Arch, Ti 3 Mesial/Distal Arch, and Ti 4 Specialty Arch.

Maureen Curran, RDH, who said she immediately fell in love with the Pineyro Arch Kit, explained how the curved instruments hug against the shape of the implant, which allows for good tactile perception. “The unique shape to the various instruments allows for site specific cleaning,” she said. “The Ti 1 allowed me to really reach the lower anterior lingual region better than I had previously with regular implant instruments.” Hygienist Amy Corder agreed that it was much easier to access difficult areas with the different designed instruments and said it was wonderful to be able to debride fixed implants without removing the prosthesis. “It saves money for the patient versus removing and replacing a prosthesis for cleaning,” she noted. “This is a life saver for dental professionals and patients!”

Compared to other implant instruments, Curran said the Pineyro Arch Kit allows her to perform procedures more efficiently, which is easier on both the patient and clinician. “There is more surface contact to the implant component with the Pineyro instruments, which reduces the amount of time it takes to clean the implant,” she remarked. Wong pointed out how the instruments saved time for the patients, thus improving patient satisfaction. “All of the patients that I was able to use these instruments on have had extensive dental surgeries. They have already been in the dental chair much longer than the average patient. One patient said that she was relieved to only be in the chair for half as long as she anticipated!!”

best product rating and logo from DPSFor Curran, the Pineyro Arch Kit was vital in her quest to “overcome the challenge of performing a good debridement of implant components under fixed full arch restorations with little gingival tissue trauma, a task that previously was quite difficult and time consuming.” She said she is grateful to Dr. Pineyro for having the vision to create such useful instruments. “They have made a world of difference in cleaning a fixed arch restoration without having to remove it each and every time.”

Click here to read the full product evaluation of PDT’s Pineyro Arch Kit and learn how these instruments can improve efficiency while saving time and frustration for patients and clinicians.

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