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ELECTROmatic System Offers Electric Handpieces That Are Worth a Test Drive


For air-driven handpiece users, the opportunity to upgrade to an electric handpiece can feel uncertain. Making a purchase decision on the "vehicle" of your operatory is a lot like buying a new car, with similar considerations.

There's the cost of upgrading the model, learning its new controls, and just generally getting a feel for how it handles. Of course, handling is connected to what's under the hood—the motor. For electric handpieces, specifically, the electric motor makes them a bit heavier. However, a key advantage of the motor is that it runs as high as 200,000 rpm, providing consistent torque that doesn't decrease when faced with resistance, and runs quieter for a better patient experience. These “basics” can then be combined with next-level sophistication like color touchscreen controls.

For dentists willing to take a test drive, KaVo Dental's ELECTROmatic system is an excellent entry point to electric handpieces. In fact, it's one of the best options on the market, according to Dental Product Shopper evaluators who tried it in their practice for two weeks.

KaVo is a manufacturer that seems to understand that the switch to electric handpieces can be stressful and with the ELECTROmatic, they've tried to streamline that transition as much as possible. The plug-and-play ELECTROmatic easily connects to standard air tubing and adjusts automatically to existing air pressure. The LCD touchscreen displays bur speed when the selected gear ratio of the handpiece is set.

KaVo offers 3 options: the ELECTROmatic, ELECTROmatic Plus, and ELECTROmatic Premium. 

The dentists who participated in this DPS evaluation provided feedback after a trial with the ELECTROmatic Premium, which they used with one of KaVo's MASTERmatic LUX M-series handpieces.

Read the ELECTROmatic evaluation article in its entirety.

The ELECTROmatic Premium model features a special prep mode and endo mode with torque limit control. Users also have the choice of 1 or 2 motors. The dual-motor option enables easy switching between high- and low-speed functions, and the SMARTdrive sensorless control allows for high torque at low speeds. For at least one of the evaluators, the slow-speed latch enabled a nice, constant torque for polishing composites and the margins of the crown.

"Due to its constant torque, it allows for a much faster crown preparation, which is great for the tooth and the patient, and reduced overall chair time," said Marc Malatesta, DDS.

A shorter prep time, combined with a lower noise level, led to an improvement in patient comfort, which ultimately led to easier and faster restorations. One evaluator was strongly considering the purchase because it "should pay for itself in chair time."

The sophistication of the ELECTROmatic is also evident in the system’s pre-programmed files, which allow up to 5-speed memory presets in prep mode and make it easy to plan and customize endodontic sequences. Evaluators liked the convenience of these preprogrammed speed settings, also available on the Plus model, and enjoyed the touchscreen's ease of use.

Ultimately, all the evaluators agreed they would recommend the ELECTROmatic to their colleagues. But there's really only one way to find out if it's right for you. Visit KaVo’s website for details about an in-office trial and special promotions. 

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