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Endo Instruments for Beginners and Specialists


The HyFlex EDM file system from Coltene is perfect for both general dentists who are beginning to do offer endodontic treatment in their practices and for endodontic specialists. The files are flexible and fracture resistant, so clinicians can feel confident and secure no matter their level of expertise.

To see exactly how this system work, I recommend you watch this video that explains how the design of the files makes them perfect for any canal—straight or curved. Later in the video,  Dr. Antonis Chaniotis walks you through each step of a typical endodontic case—from prep to obturation. The case presentation is supplemented with 3D animated illustrations so you can easily visualize the path of the file through the canal.

I always say that showing is better than telling, and this video is a perfect example of that adage.

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