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A Universal Composite for Simpler, More Esthetic Restorations


A Universal Composite for Simpler, More Esthetic Restorations

Evanesce syringe from Clinician's ChoiceYou’ve seen the dental composite pitch. It goes something like this: Ideal handling, enhanced esthetics, increased strength, and better polish retention. Yet, when clinicians use it in real practice, they find any number of challenges. Perhaps the composite doesn’t stay where it’s placed, adapt well, or blend easily. Most likely, you just can’t quite get that perfect shade match. Why? Because not all materials were created equal.

However, dentists who use a universal nano-hybrid composite such as EvanesceTM Universal Restorative from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® have found they can easily mimic the tooth structure’s natural esthetics while making the restorative process quicker and easier. Formulated with a proprietary process that optimizes the refractive index of its unique nano pigments and fillers, the material blends seamlessly into the tooth—with margins that simply disappear.

Dr. Robert A. Lowe, an active speaker, author, and practitioner, says Evanesce has helped him overcome one of the greatest challenges dentists face—fulfilling the demand from today’s patients to achieve a perfect esthetic match of their anterior restorations. “Because the universal restorative is designed to blend easily with natural dentition, clinicians have the ability to blend it esthetically over a broader number of cases, especially when patients are very particular in esthetic matching to their natural teeth.”

One difference in composite materials on the market reveals itself in the way their colors match the VITA shade guide. For example, one company’s A1 shade will differ from another’s. Evanesce separates itself from the pack through its chameleon effect, which is especially useful in cases that are hard to match. “In many cases, this allows me to be more conservative with preparation in anterior teeth, while still having a good blend of restorative material in the tooth so that, basically, the restoration disappears,” Dr. Lowe said. “This is not true with all restorative materials because of differences in opacities.”

Making Your Job Easier

It’s not just about the chameleon effect. Here are 3 other reasons to use Evanesce:

• Evanesce is available in the 29 VITA shades in Universal (85%), Enamel (80%), and Dentin (90%) opacities, as well as 2 bleach shades and 3 non-VITA Enamel FX shades to further enhance esthetic enamel characterization. It is also available in UX shades (85%) featuring a slightly lower viscosity.
• With a putty-like handling, the composite adapts well to the internal geometry of the cavity and prep. It will not slump—the material freezes from the time sculpting is complete until it is light-cured.
• It polishes quickly to a high shine and maintains the shine long-term.

The ROI of Evanesce

Dentists who use Evanesce find that they can reduce their office’s inventory by using a single product for all their composite restorations. The universal opacity of Evanesce is ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations, and its simple technique often requires only a single shade or, in more complex cases, fewer layers of composite. Fewer shading errors and easier restorations amount to reduced chair time for the clinician.


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