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EyeZoom Mini—for Seeing the Big Picture

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The EyeZoom Mini, the second loupe to be launched under the EyeZoom brand from Orascoptic, features a two-step variable magnification technology so you can switch from 2.5x to 3.5x effortlessly, without stopping what you’re doing or taking them off. Being able to zoom in to see finer details and zoom out for a wider field of view by simply turning the wheel of each lens brings the subject of your scrutiny closer and into better focus without you needing to change position. The depth of field and field width will automatically change slightly as well.

The EyeZoom Mini should be fitted and adjusted to customize the working depth and field of view width to your needs. Get a demonstration at the next trade show or have a rep come to your office. You can also visit Orascoptic's loupe builder application and design your own EyeZoom Mini loupes.

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