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Fast-Acting Fluoride Varnish Now in Caramel Flavor, too


Rapid fluoride release and shorter wear time are highly valued characteristics when it comes to fluoride varnishes, especially if a patient is experiencing hypersensitivity and has been avoiding foods and beverages for a while. Many people would say there is nothing worse than oral pain, and making it go away fast is one of the most-appreciated things clinicians can do for their patients.

In an independent study, Nupro White Varnish from Dentsply Sirona was shown to release 7 times more fluoride than other leading varnishes in a 2-hour period. That means within 2 hours, patients are able to resume eating and drinking. Nupro varnishes contain 5% sodium fluoride, providing a highly concentrated dose of fluoride to the tooth surface that temporarily seals the dentinal tubules for fast relief.

Applying Nupro White Varnish is easy and simple. It does not require a dry tooth surface, which saves time. In fact, the moisture from saliva cures the varnish so it adheres better to the tooth surface. Its formulation spreads easily into a uniform layer, resisting clumping, dripping, and stringing. The white varnish is easy to see while it is being applied and then it sets to a clear, invisible finish. For your patients’ peace of mind, Nupro White Varnish is gluten, SLS, and dye free. The new caramel, and grape, bubble gum, raspberry, and mint flavors are available in easy-application packages or single-unit doses.  

If you’d like to learn more about Nupro White Varnish and see the stats from the study, visit Dentsply Sirona.

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