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Fluoride Varnish Is ‘More Than Just Great Taste’


“Don’t rinse just yet. You’ll ruin the fluoride uptake.” Anyone who travels with me or crashes at my place hears this often right after they’ve used fluoride mouthwash. Truthfully, anyone not in the dental world probably cares more about the taste of a fluoride product—or perhaps the aftertaste—rather than the fluoride uptake.

That’s probably why Ultradent launched its “More than Just Great Taste” campaign for its Enamelast fluoride varnish. As the company points out, patients don’t realize the 4 reasons they should use fluoride:

1. Strengthens enamel. Fluoride is drawn to the calcium in the teeth and in turn, attracts calcium and phosphate from the saliva1 and promotes remineralization.2

2. Protects enamel. Fluoride can reverse early caries lesions3 and slows demineralization from acid attacks.2

3. Reduces caries. Fluoride is known to slow demineralization from acid attacks.2

4. Treats hypersensitivity. Fluoride varnish effectively treats hypersensitivity. Enamelast, specifically, produces a mechanical occlusion of the dentinal tubules to help treat hypersensitivity.

These reasons alone should be enough for most patients to get on board with a fluoride varnish during hygiene recall. Enamelast, in particular, has a nearly invisible, smooth, non-gritty texture, meaning patients won’t want to take it off prematurely.  It also helps that it comes in Ultradent’s appealing, xylitol-sweetened flavors: Cool Mint, Caramel, Orange Cream, Bubble Gum, and Walterberry.

But what about you, the dentist or hygienist? What’s stopping you from getting on board with fluoride varnish as a regular offering? The AAPD recommends fluoride varnish to be applied at least every six months or three to six months for those with a high risk of caries4, while the ADA recommends up to every three months.5

If you’ve ever doubted the efficacy of the treatment, you should consider Enamelast from Ultradent. This product features a patented adhesion-promoting agent that enhances retention, meaning your patients can receive the full benefits of the varnish. Its prolonged direct contact increases fluoride uptake, and it was shown to outperform competitors in both uptake and release, according to the company’s data on file.

Enamelast also has two options for convenient delivery—a unit-dose blister pack and a tip delivery system—so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Learn more in the video below and on Ultradent’s website.


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