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Four Ways quip Can Help You Grow Your Practice


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Nearly every practice has to dedicate some time and effort to attracting new patients and retaining existing ones in order to keep the business growing and thriving. Why not supplement your current strategy with some expert insights from quip? The oral health care company has some high-tech and low-lift ideas you can start using now.


1. Increase your visual presence on Instagram

There are 25 million businesses on Instagram, according to social media management firm Sprout Social. If your practice isn’t among them, you’re missing out. You may also be missing out if you’re already on Instagram, but your page is a personal one instead of a business account. With a business page, you have access to page metrics and more.

Be sure to let your current patients know about your Instagram account, and encourage them to follow it. When the content is educational, as opposed to sales-focused, your patients will be more likely to engage with—and share— what you post. Your current patients will feel more connected to you, and their friends may begin booking appointments too.

2. Destination: waiting room

Patients appreciate a waiting environment that makes them feel at ease. They may be nervous about treatment so show them you care by creating a space that is both functional and relaxing. How?

  • Offer free wi-fi (and if there’s a password, make it readily available).
  • Provide water, tea, or coffee.
  • If there’s an adjacent bathroom, provide mouthwash, floss, and other oral care products so your patients can freshen up before their appointment.
  • Avoid showing the news in the waiting room, this can cause undue stress so try playing soft music or the travel channel instead.

If patients feel like they’re in a lounge and not a waiting room, they will likely have a more comfortable appointment, leading to a better overall experience at your practice, and as a result, are more likely to return.

3. Offer quip to your patients

quip is an economical and effective toothbrush choice for your patients, and informing your patients how they can take care of their teeth for less can likely increase their likelihood of brushing regularly with a dentist-recommended brush. quip’s brush head and toothpaste subscription model will also help increase adherence rates and compliance among patients as well.

When your patients see you as a trusted resource who wants to help them stay healthy and save money, they’ll be more likely to return.

4. Reward your patients for visiting on time

When your patients take care of their oral health by seeing you twice a year, recognize that effort. According to quip, they’re doing something that currently 40 percent of people don’t do. Perhaps offer a full or partial reimbursement for their quip refills. That will ensure they use a new brush head every three months, and that they keep seeing someone who rewards them for doing the right thing.


Quip offers dentists many ways to partner together for patients’ oral health. Learn more at

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