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Futar is Market Leader Again – for 20 years now


Kettenbach’s award-winning Futar family of products is celebrating two decades of being the market leader in bite registration material. The line, from Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG, has been designated market leader by GfK, Germany’s largest market research institute and the fourth largest market research organization in the world. Within 2 years after its development in 1994, Futar achieved and has maintained this position in Germany. Other evaluating agencies in the United States have confirmed this level of excellence repeatedly over the same period.

Futar bite registration materials have consistently shown high performance in the areas of being more comfortable, faster procedurally, and setting harder. Futar has surpassed competitors in terms of being a quick-setting, rigid-setting material that will not distort vertical dimension when articulated. The Futar line has expanded to include:

• Futar and Futar Fast
• Futar D, Futar D Fast, and Futar D Slow
• Futar Cut & Trim Fast

Whether practitioners are looking for a particularly short intraoral setting time, extra-long or extra-short working time, extremely high final hardness, or a material that can be scanned for CAD/CAM applications, milled, or cut with a scalpel, one of the Futar variations will meet the need. For the dentist, this translates to:

  • • Highly precise registrations
  • • Fewer adjustments upon restoration seating
  • • Storage stable and safely transported
  • • Easy removal from the mouth, easy working
    • Highly thixotropic, non-slumping
    • No spring back when placing the model
    • Less stress for patients because less time is required

To Kettenbach’s credit, the company has continued over the years to focus on user benefits, maintaining high product quality, and constantly developing and integrating innovations. Futar users can rely on the product line for plenty of choices, time savings, cost savings, and registrations that minimize adjustments.


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