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Gelato Prophy Paste—as good as it sounds!


For the fifth time in a row, Gelato Prophy Paste from Keystone Industries has been named the Top Prophy Paste in the Hygiene category of The Dental Advisor’s 2017 Product Awards.

Thirty five consultants tried Gelato, using it more than 2,500 times, and ultimately giving it an overall 91% clinical rating. At the end of the research period, 63% said they would switch to Gelato Prophy Paste, and 80% said they would recommend it to other dental professionals.

Comments during the clinical testing period included: “does not splatter,” “is easy to rinse,” and “cups are color-coded and easy to open.”

With its multiple medals, Gelato separates itself as the top paste in a market that includes many superb products, especially because it’s one of few products to win this many times consecutively.

Gelato Prophy Paste was created and designed with the main goals of easy use for the dental hygienist while providing great results for the patient. Gelato is available in four grits, from fine to x-coarse, to fit the various needs hygienists encounter every day. The patient experience is enhanced because Gelato can be applied smoothly without splatter, and its ability to provide high-luster polishing and stain removal with minimal enamel loss. If you like the frozen variety of gelato, the range of flavors available are pretty appealing—pina colada, bubble gum, cherry, mint, raspberry, and orange sherbet.

To read the official press release announcing Gelato Prophy Paste as the Top Prophy Paste of 2017, visit Keystone Industries’ website.

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