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Get the Magic Touch: Diamond Burs


Magic Touch Zirconia Diamond Burs: A Quicker Restoration Process

Just about everyone loves zirconia crowns—and that includes dentists and patients. They’re strong and esthetic, making them the answer in a lot of restorative situations. Unfortunately, zirconia isn’t the easiest material to work with. If you’re not careful, you can end up with a microfracture if you try to adjust a crown that doesn’t seat exactly right. Traditionally, the safest option was to send the crown back to the lab for adjustment, which isn’t what you want to tell your patient who’s been waiting for that final restoration.

To address this issue, Strauss Diamond developed Magic Touch Zirconia diamond burs. They’re designed specifically to cut through zirconia, e.max, and porcelain crowns.

Strauss also has zirconia polishers for pre-polishing and final polishing. The high diamond concentration allows you to easily create a nice luster. Both types of polishers come in point, flame, cup, and cone shapes.

The solution, according to Strauss, is a very special manufacturing process allowing fast adjustments on all types of PFM crowns, Ceramic and Zirconia crowns and bridges and and more.

With the right tools at the chairside, you can provide your patients with the durable and esthetic restorations they want without worrying about the tricky aspects of working with an especially hard material.

magic touch diamond burs cutting through zirconia

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