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Getting a Handle on Articulation with Bite-Chek



When Microcopy came up with articulation paper with a built-in handle, the domino effect included eliminating forceps, which means one less instrument needing to be located, getting dirty, or requiring sterilization. The easy-grip handle is thicker at the anterior, to prevent gloves from picking up ink and then spreading it around. It’s double sided, so it marks both arches simultaneously. And at only 19-microns thick, it allows patients to close their bite more completely, resulting in a more accurate occlusal assessment. 

Bite-Chek can also be used to mark the full arch if two are held side-by-side, which really simplifies the process of obtaining accurate points of contact. Available in two-sided black/black, or red/black film, Bite-Chek can be used on any surface—enamel, and metal, nonmetal, and plastic restorations.

With Bite-Chek easier to store in operatories, including the hygienists’, checking occlusion can be done more often, more quickly, and more efficaciously.

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