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Getting Started with Perio Protect: Periodontal Homecare and Practice Promotion Made Simple


Getting Started with Perio Protect: Periodontal Homecare and Practice Promotion Made Simple

As a dental care provider, you’re likely drawn to treatments that can attract new patients and better serve the ones you have. This is, after all, fundamental to long-term practice success. But, rarely, an option comes along that not only proves effective but is also easy and affordable to implement. Enter Perio Protect®: a minimally-invasive, versatile, and clinically-proven way to help patients take control of their periodontal health at home, while simultaneously bringing new business to your office.

The Perio Protect Method® utilizes a custom-fabricated tray filled with 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel, a time-tested antimicrobial agent. In just minutes, the peroxide goes to work in gingival pockets as deep as 9mm, battling gum disease-causing biofilm at its source.  are FDA-cleared, clinically tested, and shown to produce measurable results like reduced pocket depth and bleeding upon probing in as little as three weeks. Additionally, Perio Protect leaves an oxygen-rich environment below the gumline for host healing and prolonged protection against harmful bacteria. It even delivers bonus benefits such as whiter teeth and fresher breath. Ideal as an adjunctive therapy, Perio Protect can be conveniently integrated into patients’ regular homecare routines, takes only 15 minutes to use, and is comfortably non-invasive—qualities that promote treatment adherence and optimal outcomes.  

For practices, getting started with Perio Protect is just as simple and straightforward as it is for patients to use. The company provides dental professionals a range of flexible, modestly-priced training options, with certification available both in-person and online. Freely choose from personalized e-training sessions, comprehensive courses offered in-person annually, online self-study with recorded modules, or live lecture events and webinars. Regardless of which approach to learning works best for you and your team, integrating Perio Protect into your existing services requires virtually zero overhead—no additional team members, new machines, or storage space needed. The manufacturer even refers patients to certified providers via their patient-facing website. Moreover, in a controlled clinical trial, 100% of patients who used Perio Protect say they would recommend it to someone else. With customizable marketing and thought leadership materials, Perio Protect does the legwork to support and promote your practice, allowing you to focus on what matters most—running a business and caring for your patients.

To learn more about introducing one of the best at-home gum disease treatments to your practice, visit Perio Protect’s website.

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