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Glass-Fiber Posts with the Elasticity of Dentin


Glass Fiber Posts from Itena North America

Composed of 80% glass fiber and 20% resin, Itena North America’s glass-fiber posts have an elasticity modulus very similar to dentin. This homogenous distribution of elasticity, much like that of a natural tooth, results in fewer failures than metal posts.

These glass-fiber posts have a cylindro-conical taper of 9% or greater, which mimics the anatomy of the root canal.

This makes insertion simpler and helps reduce the risk of root fracture.

The chemical retention created between the core build-up and the post creates a strong bond with no risk of corrosion or tissue discoloration. They have a flexural strength of 1650 MPa, shear strength of 760 MPa, and a compression strength of 760 MPa.

The posts are biocompatible, radiopaque, and come in translucent and ivory for the most esthetic results.


Glass Fiber Posts from Itena North America


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