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Got time for a Bisco Bite?


You have a little downtime, you click play on a YouTube screen, a lively scientist-looking guy says, “Let’s talk about the Resin Matrix!” You feel like you’re swept into the future of technology, with chalkboard notes and tooth drawings floating by as catchy music plays in the background. It’s Dr. Rolando Nuñez, DDS, MSc, who is a practicing dentist as well as a member of the Bisco research and development team. In this short video, he juggles the concept of fillers and resin matrix development with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, while a digital clock counts down the seconds at the bottom of the screen, just to give you a sense of how fast this educational bite is moving.

“Bisco Bites” is a new series on YouTube where viewers will hear about how cool chemistry is, and learn all sorts of scientific facts relevant to dentistry. It’s amazing what you can learn in 38 seconds! If you’re like me, you’ll watch it again, and this double-dose snippet of educational entertainment will still take barely more than a minute. Check it out here! And watch for new episodes, including one on Adhesive Layers and another on Zirconia Bonding, uploading in the coming weeks.

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