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GUIDOR Bioresorbable Matrix Barrier Provides Predictable Resorption and Performance


Sunstar’s GUIDOR Bioresorbable Matrix Barrier membranes have a unique, multi-layer composition that help stabilize wound sites and promote integration with periodontal tissues. The membranes have multiple layers, each with a different pattern of perforation, which controls the type of cell that can grow into the space within the membrane. The external layer allows for soft tissue cell proliferation. The space between the layers allows gingival connective tissue to integrate into the matrix. And the internal layer prevents epithelial downgrowth while allowing nutrients and oxygen to pass through. Also incorporated into the design is a patented “spacer” construction on the root surface of the material that maintains enough space for periodontal ligament cell proliferation and allows attachment to develop. This “selective cell ingrowth” aspect of the GUIDOR Barrier creates optimal conditions for tissue regeneration.

GUIDOR Bioresorbable Matrix Barriers are a 100% synthetic material, available in various shapes and sizes that can be further trimmed and shaped to fit a defect site precisely. Within just seconds of contact at body temperature, the material becomes malleable for easy handling and control. 

GUIDOR Bioresorbable Matrix Barriers are ideal to use with guided bone regeneration (GBR) cases because they maintain their barrier function for a minimum of 6 weeks and then resorb within a predictable amount of time as they are gradually replaced with new periodontal tissue. If a wound cannot be closed for some reason, the GUIDOR Matrix Barrier can be left exposed if it is tucked under the flap and adequately secured with sutures. Note that this may result in it resorbing more quickly than if it were fully submerged.

Indications for GBR use include bone regeneration and augmentation for extraction socket preservation, immediate implant placement either at time of extraction or for delayed placement, when additional bone is desired for ridge augmentation and sinus elevation, and for use as a stable barrier when bone grafting materials are placed.

GUIDOR Bioresorbable Matrix Barrier is clinically proven with more than 100 successful scientific studies and has been well documented in clinical research as well as thousands of private practice patients. Click here to watch a video and here to see a clinical case. Additional clinical application videos and recent publications are available here.

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