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GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC: A Simple, Synthetic System for Bone Grafting Success


GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC: A Simple, Synthetic System for Bone Grafting Success 

GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSICImplant therapy offers an ideal, esthetic solution for patients with missing teeth. Unfortunately, when a patient also presents with significant bone loss due to trauma, disease or injury, performing the procedure becomes much more of a challenge. In such cases, a bone graft made of autogenous, allograft or xenograft materials—derived from human or animal sources—is commonly used to build a foundation for the implant and restoration. The downside is that these organic materials may be rejected by the body, can provide avenues of transmission for infectious pathogens and often require a membrane covering or collagen plug to stay in place. Additionally, some patients simply aren’t comfortable with having animal- or cadaver-derived materials in their mouths.

Synthetic bone grafting materials have become an alternative preferred by many clinicians, as they minimize the risk of infection, rejection and patient disapproval. In a February 2020 Dental Product Shopper feature article, Yusuke Hamada, DDS, MSD, a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Periodontology at Indiana University School of Dentistry, details how he found great success with Sunstar’s GUIDOR® easy-graft® CLASSIC, a 100% synthetic, fully-resorbable alloplastic bone grafting material. GUIDOR easy-graft enables safe, reliable and simple treatment of bone defects, often without the need for a membrane. According to Dr. Hamada, the GUIDOR system is “extremely easy to use, saves time and simplifies the entire bone grafting procedure.”

The first material of its kind designed for direct syringe delivery into the bone defect, GUIDOR easy-graft’s polymer-coated granules harden into a stable, porous scaffold just minutes after contact with blood. BioLinker®, a liquid activator included in each unit-dose application of GUIDOR easy-graft, softens the granules’ polymer coating, allowing them to stick together. The moldable, interconnected granules can be shaped to fit defect morphology and promote clot formation and bone regeneration thanks to their porosity. GUIDOR easy-graft and BioLinker work together to form a comprehensive system that reduces the need for a membrane and eliminates the guesswork of whether to mix granules with blood or saline. In Dr. Hamada’s words, the combination “saves us time and cuts down on product.”

A recent case of Dr. Hamada’s is a testament to just how perfectly-suited GUIDOR easy-graft is for socket preservation and implant placement immediately following extraction:

•In this instance, a fractured and non-restorable tooth No. 9 extraction revealed buccal bone absent 10mm from the crestal part of the socket.
•GUIDOR easy-graft was placed in the socket where it precisely contoured to the buccal bone shape.
•For this case, a membrane was required—GUIDOR® Bioresorbable Matrix Barrier was placed atop the bone graft material due to the lack of buccal bone.
•Despite slight buccal bone concavity, the implant was placed without complications and post-op radiographs show a successful, solid framework for a long-lasting restoration.


To learn more about GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC and order the product for your practice, visit Sunstar’s website.

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