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Hager Worldwide Purchase May Inspire a Purchase of Your Own


When a product is worth the investment, it’s a good buy. That’s why Hager Worldwide recently acquired the Bambach Saddle Seat companies in Europe and Australia. Over the past 30 years, dentists and other professionals have reaped the benefits of sitting in a position that reduces pain in the back, neck, arms, hands and shoulders.

With the purchase, Hager Worldwide can directly sell the popular ergonomic seating choice.

The Bambach Saddle Seat was developed in 1988 by an Australian occupational therapist. The seat provides an alternative to conventional C-shaped chairs in which users sit on a flat stool. When people sit in this C shape, they tend to slouch and hunch over. This can cause numerous musculoskeletal issues for those whose work has them sitting most or all of the day.

The Bambach Saddle Seat differs from traditional chairs because it helps the body retain its natural “S” shape. The seat itself is shaped, perhaps unsurprisingly, like a saddle. While the user is in the seat, the body’s center of gravity is directly above the sitting bones, reducing pressure on the lumbar discs and spinal compression. The body’s circulation and breathing are improved, and because the seating position requires less energy, the user may even have more stamina throughout the day, in addition to less pain: a win-win.

Plus, while users are in the chair, their feet are poised to propel the user forward, making it easier to get up and down than it is from a traditional chair. Backless and backed versions of the chair are available.

Prior to Bambach Saddle Seat acquisitions, Hager Worldwide and its global counterparts had been successfully selling the seat under exclusive marketing and licensing agreements. However, with the growth of demand for ergonomic seating, Hager Worldwide opted to purchase the Bambach Saddle Seat companies.

Hager Worldwide is also selling the seat’s accessories, like gas cylinders and foot rings.

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