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Getting a Handle on Insurance Claims


Mishandling claims may be a mistake you can’t afford to make. Claims often represent about 50% of practice income and some plans require you to submit claims within 90 days of treatment. Balances over 90 days lose approximately 7% of their value each month and claims received more than twelve months after treatment may not be paid at all.

Good insurance management provides your practice the opportunity to maintain cash flow, exceed patient expectations and stand out among industry peers. By making minor changes to office workflow over time, you can avoid costly missteps and win the trust and loyalty of your patients.

To ensure consistent income for your practice, it's a good idea to file claims daily. Filing documentation electronically using Dentrix software accelerates nearly every facet of the claims process. This approach saves money and time spent mailing paper documents and makes tracking and follow-up easy. With Dentrix tools like eClaims, you can handle claims with confidence and avoid the pitfalls that prevent you from providing the ideal patient experience.

After filing claims it’s crucial to follow-up. Dentrix is capable of generating an array of helpful reports that can show you exactly when and where follow-up is necessary. You should aim to review clearinghouse claim submission and unsubmitted claims reports daily. Additionally, be sure to perform weekly checks on procedures not attached to insurance reports and insurance aging reports. Follow-up is also essential for claim denials. Look for any opportunity to appeal the denial, make necessary adjustments and resubmit when possible. Unpaid claims should also be monitored and followed-up on after they’ve aged 30 days, starting with the oldest balance and then the largest, followed by carriers with most outstanding claims.

When it comes to keeping up with these tasks and the ever-changing insurance landscape as a whole, having a dedicated insurance coordinator equipped with Dentrix can prove especially beneficial. Utilizing these resources to stay on top of claims ensures that your workload remains organized, patients are satisfied and cash flow is steady.

Dentrix has partnered with healthcare insurance management expert Teresa Duncan, MS, FAADOM to create “Overseeing Insurance Claims,” part of a series covering each step of the patient journey. Available as a downloadable eBook, this guide can help you make the most of Dentrix and perfect your practice’s insurance management.

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