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Have Your X-rays Gone Digital Yet?


Technology has come a long way since Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen received the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901.

Air Techniques’ newest solution in dental imaging help you take, manage and evaluate X-rays with the new ScanX Swift View digital radiography system. Use the ScanX Swift View to easily convert to a digital workflow for your X-rays; it accepts a wide range of interoral formats in sizes 0-4.

This comprehensive system doesn’t just take high-resolution images; it also allows you to enhance the contrast and sharpness of those images for more accurate diagnosing. Those optimized images can help you illustrate your concerns to your patient as well as your recommendations, thereby increasing case acceptance.

With Wi-Fi (or LAN connection) and a touchscreen, the PC-compatible device is easy to use anywhere. Preset scan modes reduce the learning curve and provide quick and reliable scanning. Send images to and from any workstation—the ScanX Swift View can be used as an in-operatory or adjunct component for an existing digital sensor. At 15 pounds, ScanX Swift View system weighs less and is more compact than the 43-pound ScanX Intraoral View, also part of the ScanX line.

When taking patient X-rays, the thin, flexible plate isn’t just easy for you to use, it also sits comfortably in your patient’s mouth, improving your patient’s experience as well. Images appear on the screen in just seconds and can quickly be checked and retaken if needed. Thanks to an integrated erasure function, the durable PSP can immediately be used again.

Plus, if you experience a network failure, you can still scan and save X-ray images securely on the internal SD card, minimizing downtime during an outage. The images are simply transferred to the database later on.

To learn more about how the ScanX Swift View can help you upgrade your practice’s X-ray management system, visit

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