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How Intraoral Cameras Enhance New Patient Consultations


Advancements in imaging have revolutionized clinicians’ ability to view the intricacies of a patient’s anatomy, including the mouth. In an age where nearly everyone is carrying a camera, patients have come to expect a visual component when a dentist provides a diagnosis or treatment plan. Pictures often do more to make the case for a procedure than a technical explanation ever could.

That’s why intraoral cameras aren’t just a nice-to-have anymore; they’re a must-have, especially when it comes to new patient consultations. A longtime patient may be comfortable deferring to your professional opinion about a diagnosis, but with every new patient, a camera like the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera, can go a long way in quickly building trust.

How? There are a few ways:

  • •    The patient can see the same things you see. If you’re using MouthWatch’s Intraoral Camera, you’ll get crisp, high-quality, high-resolution images you can share and discuss with the patient. While the patient won’t have the same medical background, he or she will be able to understand when the gum or tooth in question doesn’t look like the surrounding anatomy. The patient will be making an educated, more confident decision about the work you’re recommending.

    •    During the exam, you may find a problem that a patient can’t feel, or even see, yet. You can use the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera to get precise, clear images to help explain why treating the problem early can protect your patient’s health and dollars.

    •    If you’re discussing a cosmetic procedure with a patient, you may feel as if you’ve suddenly been thrust into the role of salesperson. With an intraoral camera, you can start a discussion, allowing patients to ask questions. This puts you in the role of problem-solver instead.

    •    If a new patient is not ready to commit to treatment, you can preserve the images for a subsequent visit and take new images when he or she returns. Then you can document any change since the initial consultation. If you’ve told the patient the problem would get worse and it has, he or she can see the difference on the new images.


Key to keeping that initial trust the patient has now put in you is using an intraoral camera that is reliable and easy to use. MouthWatch’s Intraoral Camera is easy to operate and comes with easy-to-use software, plus a one-year warranty and technical support. Learn more at

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