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How to Navigate Root Canal Procedures with More Confidence


Patients are sensitive to the words “root canal”… and so are dentists who don’t have a lot of confidence in their endodontic technique! It’s why many general dentists refer the work out to a specialist, but in doing so, lose valuable practice revenue.

Confidence is no longer a question of technology, as many dentists have access to advanced 3D imaging that helps them visualize the canal. The real problem is not being confident in the execution of a technique-sensitive procedure.

As described by Dr. Dan Fischer, founder of Ultradent, the basic concept of irrigation in endodontics is to get the smallest cannula down close to the apex, but just short of the foramen, and to irrigate from the bottom up. “It is imperative to start from the bottom to prohibit trapping air in the canal, because it is very difficult to displace an air bubble when you're filling the canal from the top down,” Dr. Fischer explained. “However, the deeper the canal, the more difficult it is to get the cannula down to the apical region of the tooth.

An added challenge is that root canals often have curves with sharp turns that make navigation difficult. Given these challenges, Ultradent designed NaviTip delivery tips with exclusive flex tip technology.

What Makes NaviTip Different?

Unlike traditional endodontic tips, the cannula of each NaviTip tip is slightly rigid through the base and center, but flexible at the tip to allow it to bend and snake through each canal. Each NaviTip is smoothed and rounded to allow the tip to slide past corners, rather than scraping and potentially ledging as it proceeds through the canal. This unique design gives clinicians the ability to precisely deliver any irrigant, intracanal medication, and sealant exactly where needed.

Each NaviTip is also equipped with a tight-fitting rubber stop that further facilitates accurate delivery and helps prevent the risk of extrusion through apical tissue. The patented Lok-Tite technology, with double threads, lock the tip into place for increased security and wings for easy attachment and removal.

Technique Tips

To help you get the most from your money while performing endodontic procedures, Ultradent has provided some safety and economical guidelines:

-> Test the tip first.

Before expressing any material into the canal, always express a bit onto a gloved finger or another surface to make sure there aren’t blockages and that the consistency of the material is right. This helps prevent overexpression and possible penetration of the chemistry through the periapical tissue.

-> Never reuse an endodontic tip.

For the safety and health of the patient, NaviTip tips should never be reused under any circumstance. Buy tips in bulk to get the most out of your office’s supply budget. Ultradent also encourages customers to take advantage of its discounts throughout the year.

-> Consider using a sideport tip.

The NaviTip 31 ga Double Sideport Irrigator tip directs the flow of irrigant laterally towards the canal wall, minimizing the possibility of expressing beyond the apex. This tip has the world’s smallest cannula, according to Ultradent, which makes canal irrigation safe, allowing it to navigate even the smallest and most intricate spaces. Watch this video to see how this NaviTip works.

-> Pair the right chemistry with the right tip.

Pairing the right chemistries with the right tips is not just a technique advantage—it’s also an important safety measure. Ultradent has removed the guesswork by formulating each chemistry’s viscosity for a preferred NaviTip. For instance, you can express Ultradent’s MTA Flow repair cement easily and smoothly through Ultradent’s 29 ga NaviTip tip. Watch the video below to see this NaviTip in action.

Learn more about how NaviTip tips and irrigants are made for each other on Ultradent’s website, and gain the confidence you need to keep more endodontic procedures in-house.


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